Senior Golang Stack Developer Role

Responsibilities and Duties

In general you will be responsible for building a Cloud Native stack mostly coded in Golang.

  • Intermediate+ to advanced knowledge of Golang, and how to build network services using the Go stack and common libraries
  • Strong understanding of core technologies such as TLS, HTTPS router design, back end database access using pgsql or pgx.
  • Proven experience building scalable, durable cloud services.
  • Intermediate to advanced knowledge of SQL, and experience using MySQL, Postgresql or an equivalent modern backend SQL system
  • Experience using session management technologies and a key value or similar storage system such as Redis.
  • Be prepared to explain how services can be designed to scale horizontally. Know how to build a microservice which can scale across many nodes.
  • Some understanding of performance enhancing technologies is important - such as a caching architecture for API calls. Some experience in implementing a caching architecture is a great plus.
  • Improve the team as an active participant in our culture (mentorship, interviewing and new initiatives).
  • The desire to work with junior engineers and help these junior engineers become better software engineers. Experience mentioned junior engineers desired.

Qualifications and Skills

  • BS or higher in Computer Science or related technical field – Goalng cloud native development / microservice experience is mandatory.
  • Very strong oral and written English language skills. UK and American participants in a video call should be able to easily communicate with you.
  • Flexibility to work during non-business hours in your country / time zone of residence. Some, but not all work will require overlap with those working general business hours in India and Western Europe.
  • Can hit the ground running – fast learner that can become familiar with what we do and start contributing quickly.
  • Working within an agile team to collaboratively influence the solutions we create and the processes we use as a technical function.
  • 10+ years of work-related proven full time experience with software engineering or operations
  • 4+ years experience with Golang development for Cloud Native / k8s related projects
  • Experience with either AWS, Azure, GKE (the more the better)
  • Strong Linux and scripting skills to include Bash, Python
  • Complete understanding of Docker and how to build applications in a Docker container for deployment on k8s

Salary and Benefits

  • Remote work-from-home work environment
  • Flexible Hours
  • Unlimited PTO vacation policy
  • Competitive salary package