Industrial Solutions

Helping meet the unique requirements of industrial edge systems & IIoT devices

Industrial Solutions

Helping meet the unique requirements of industrial edge systems & IIoT devices

Building industrial solutions requires a significant amount of technical cross-knowledge across embedded software, cloud services and the unique requirements in industrial performance. Our tools and services can help in many industrial projects, including soft or hard real-time control systems, or auxiliary support systems such as analytics or predictive failure monitoring & analysis.

Modern Industrial Edge with Izuma Edge

Izuma Edge allows you to build robust, secure application deployments at the edge, taking advantage of modern container orchestration.

Continuous Updates: Secure, Robust   It’s no longer acceptable to deploy machines and not be able to immediately update them. Security patches, mandatory CVE fixes to meet compliance, and general performance improvements are expected by your customers or users. Using Izuma Edge with Izuma Cloud, you automatically get continuous update capabilities using Kubernetes all done over mTLS.
Partition applications for security   Izuma Edge offers powerful mechanisms to partition applications deployed at the edge. This provides the opportunity to deploy multiple, critical applications safely on the same machine. Application deployments can be written to use only specific VLANs or physical networks on deployed machines. Inter-application communication can be allowed or denied as needed.
Durable Edge: Isolated, On-Prem or Semi-Connected   Orchestrate applications at the edge even in semi-connected situations or isolated environments. Izuma Cloud can be deployed on-premise, which allows the cloud and edge machines to function completely separate from the Internet. Semi-connected systems, where Internet is sometimes available, can still use a private Izuma Cloud instance. Izuma Edge has caching mechanisms allowing machines to go weeks or months without cloud connectivity. Izuma Edge also functions well in low bandwidth, high latency environments, as the product has throttling mechanisms for conserving data usage.

Meet strong security goals faster

If you are building a solution which needs to meet the needs of ISA/IEC 62443 Izuma Networks Edge-as-a-Service offerings will accelerate your timetable.

Get a head start on IEC 62433   Security guidelines in 62443 mandate secure by design solutions, which should have various ways of reducing attack surface. Our defense in depth security strategy for Izuma Cloud, Izuma Edge and Izuma Connect provides you with the building blocks necessary to meet these ISA guidelines.

Even if you are not mandated to meet specific guidelines, the principles that our design follows will inherently make your solution more secure.

SOC2 Development & Devops Process   Our Edge-as-a-Service product offerings follow a SOC 2 development process. The SOC 2 process mandates many controls and processes which help ensure a higher level of integrity and security in both our on-premise and private cloud (SaaS) offerings, as well as the edge and device stack, Izuma Edge and Izuma Connect.

Build secure IIoT devices quickly

Secure Identity & Connectivity   Devices connect to Izuma Cloud using two-way TLS (mTLS) communication - essentially the gold standard for secure IoT communications. Devices can do this thanks to easy-to-use factory tooling which creates unique certificates for any device and protects these certificates on the device using hardware root-of-trust when available (such as TPM 2.0). Devices can even use mTLS over CoAP / UDP for incredibly lightweight but secure communication.
Bulletproof remote update   If you are deploying a connected product you simply must be able to upgrade it for new features and security patches. Izuma Cloud provides remote devices with a highly reliable over-the-air (OTA) update system, with signature verification, rollbacks, restart capabilities and delta updates.
Firmware signing & certificate management   IIoT devices must have tighter controls on firmware verification. Our update services and PKI systems require certificate signing for any firmware push to any device. The developer of the firmware does not need access to the root CA key. This allows teams to delegate firmware updates to other teams, but still maintain control over what can ultimately be deployed. These capabilities will help meet requirements in IEC 62443.
Design for manufacturing tooling   Izuma Cloud’s tools allow you to work with any contract manufacturer (CM) to produce devices at volume, securely, while providing each and every device coming off the line with a unique identity. This identity is built on a certificate chain that only you, as the product owner, ever control. Our tools were designed by the experiences we have working with the world’s largest CMs.

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