Edge Application Management

Izuma Edge - scale from small gateway to enterprise server

Why Edge Computing?

The on-going digital transformation of businesses across the world is driving accelerating growth for information. Whether it be sensory data, imagery data, business process information or general application availability, moving applications and their data closer to their source is becoming more important. Edge computing is the modern IT architecture where applications live distributed and close to their data sources / users.

Edge computing allows us to move applications closer to the actual event.

That results in faster & more realtime information with less network utilization.

  •  Better scalability
  •  Improved solution redunancy
  •  Less application latency / lag
  •  Less bandwidth usage / cost

Gartner predicts that by 2025 at least 50% of enteprise related data will come from and / or be processed at the edge.

The Increased Importance of Edge Security

Along with the growth of edge comes the risk of increased attack surfaces for malicious actors. It’s imperative to have a security by design solution when deploying edge applications. Izuma Edge builds on years of experience and development of the Izuma Cloud product.

Our cloud services provide true root-of-trust security for all devices, including edge servers, helping ensure secure deployment of edge applications and configuration data. APIs allow users to revoke individual or groups of gateways or servers in the case of potential breach. Our services take advantage of secure hardware when available, such as TPM 2.0 silicon.

Deployed applications can also leverage our tunneling services, which means developers do not have to go build their own secure transport methods but can instead leverage what we have. Tunneling services allow applications to route data through our cloud services, using the same root of trust as our other services. This also makes firewall and routing configuration at each deployed site much easier.

Izuma Edge

Izuma Edge is a first class solution for edge application orchestration and remote management of edge machines.

Izuma Edge in a nutshell.

  •  Deploy containerized applications
  •  Robust systems management
  •  Root of Trust security
  •  Open source Apache 2.0 runtime
  •  x86 or Arm
  •  Runs on almost any Linux variation

Designed by the needs of our customers, Izuma Edge is a purpose built software stack, completely open-source, which allows customers to securely deploy and manage applications at the edge using the industry standard application orchestration method: Docker + Kubernetes.

Common Methodology

Many edge computing solutions ask customers to use new tooling to deploy applications at the edge. This can include new packaging and propritary APIs.

Izuma Cloud and Izuma Edge use standard Kubernetes APIs to drive application deployment. Package your application using Docker. Deploy it using k8s APIs. Dev ops teams are already familiar with these practices, and hence the learning curve to deploy applications using Izuma Cloud is quite low.

Izuma Edge uses Kubernetes for application deployment

  •  Use standard k8s APIs teams are already familiar with
  •  Tools such as kubectl work out of the box
  •  Leverage cloud native development techniques at the edge.

Don’t get locked in to a propritary edge architecture before your first products even ship. Stick with industry standard practices.

Systems Management

Deploying applications to a remote server or gateway is only half the battle. The other key piece is keeping that box up, running & secure.

Izuma Edge includes system diagnostics, stats logging, remote terminal, and secure updates offering one place for OS, network connectivity, system configuration, and easy onboarding overseen from a dashboard or a mobile app. Use a single software stack to do both application orchestration and remote systems management.

Systems Management Capabilities

  •  Remote OS, firmware and package updates
  •  Remote logging: syslog, kernel logs, k8s logs, systemd
  •  System statistics: memory, disk, CPU utilization, container stats
  •  Remote terminal access
  •  Container access via kubectl and data tunneling to any remote container

Single Pane of Glass

Izuma Edge deployments are managed through Izuma Cloud and reside in the Izuma Device Directory. If you have both microcontroller devices and edge-class devices, all these can reside in the same account in the same directory, using the same APIs.

All systems management services route through outbound HTTPS. This means if your gateway or edge server can talk to Izuma Cloud, your systems management services will work. No weird ports or fancy firewall configurations needed. This decreases setup time and hassle for your own customer or users.